Looking for a few more baby gates as our little munchkin is quite mobile now... please call Rayanne at 734-516-0520 if you have any we can take off your hands. Thanks!
19-Sep-2018Farmington, MI+12 milesItems Wanted
WANTED: Womens size 10 & 12 jeans
19-Sep-2018Farmington, MI+12 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I'm looking for any paint you have gathering dust in your basement or garage for an art project. Not picky about colors, if it's not oil based I'll take it!
19-Sep-2018Birmingham, MI+24 milesItems Wanted
I will haul away any unwanted books. I am starting a ecommerace book store. Any help would be great. Thank you.
19-Sep-2018Birmingham, MI+24 milesItems Wanted
Recycle electronic waste. Computers, tools, Stereos, Game systems, phones, wiring. Hard drives are rendered unreadable. Items will be picked up at your convenience, reused, re-purposed or RECYCLED locally.
19-Sep-2018Birmingham, MI+24 milesItems Wanted
Hi, just posting in case someone might have a remnant piece of granite, quartz or butcher block left over from a project.. Looking for a piece 30"x21" or larger. Thanks!
My mom has just moved from a rehabilitation center to my home Shower chair,chair toilet, wheel chair ramp, 4peg cane, i'm in need of any equipment to assist with a paralyzed person
Looking for boy s clothes 18-24 mo. We need: Shoes Socks Swim Trunks Shirts Pants PJs Hats Thank you
Looking for any wanted books. I will pick up and haul away. Thank you
Hello.... I Am A Single Mother Of 2. Both Under The Age Of 6. I Am Facing A Eviction. My Motor Just Went Out In My 2000 Mazda. I Am Now Without A Vehicle And Only Have Til The End Of The Month To Find Housing. I m Capable Of Getting Back On My Feet I Just Need a Little Push. I Lost Everything While Trying To Hold Onto this House Due To The Conditions Of The House, Just To End Up Losing The Hous...
If you are wanting to make some space in your garage for winter I will pick up working edger. Thank you
19-Sep-2018Belleville, MI+7 milesItems Wanted
Needed help with Christmas for 5 of my kids. Im disable and just dont have it.I need twin side beds for boys
19-Sep-2018Belleville, MI+7 milesItems Wanted
Decent couch please
19-Sep-2018Belleville, MI+7 milesItems Wanted
Hello I am in search of shingles for our dog run. If you have any left over from a project or any you are willing to part with, we would appreciate it Thanks
19-Sep-2018Ann Arbor, MI+18 milesItems Wanted
Working on a project and looking for donations of silk, cotton, and linen scrap fabric or old clothes - specifically to recycle the material. Would be a good opportunity to get rid of odds and ends or clothing that isn't in a condition to donate to a thrift store. Only looking for clothes or pieces of fabric that have at least a 15"x15" area of cloth. Could also use old curtains, sheets, and ta...
19-Sep-2018Ann Arbor, MI+18 milesItems Wanted
TI-83 or TI-84 Plus or Silver
19-Sep-2018Ann Arbor, MI+18 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for non-plastic serving platters or white string lights they are wanting to get rid of? I'm trying to collect items for Stone Coop Farm's Farm to Table Dinner, a fundraiser for the non-profit organic farm.
19-Sep-2018Ann Arbor, MI+18 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for exercise equipment for a home gym; mats, benches, bands, yoga and pilates props, etc. I am especially looking for a weight bench.
19-Sep-2018Ann Arbor, MI+18 milesItems Wanted
I am about to begin a new job as a psychologist specializing in early childhood. I'm looking for storage solutions for my toy set. I would love something like this: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Tot-Tutors-Kids-Toy-Storage-Organizer-with-12-Plastic-Bins-Multiple-Colors/5983466 If anyone has one that they are looking to re-home, I would be greatly appreciative! Thank you.
19-Sep-2018Ann Arbor, MI+18 milesItems Wanted
Our inflatable kayak paddle snapped in half, rendering it useless. :-( If you have one you can re-home, our 13 yo son, who broke the paddle in an overzealous attempt to race across Barton Pond, would be overjoyed. :-)
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